Silver Protocol


I Was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with an acute antibiotic resistant strep infection that my doctor said I probably have had for many years. I had been experiencing extreme joint pain and swelling, fatigue and sore throat for many years. Doctors thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis but I didn't. I had an acute strep infection. The only treatment was penicillin shots every 3 weeks along with oral antibiotics over a long period of time to treat the antibiotic resistant strep that I have. After 2 1/2 years of this treatment my strep count was still in the 800 range signifying a severe bacterial antibiotic resistant strep infection. A normal strep count in a healthy person should be under 100 and mine never dropped below 800 proven by repeated blood tests taken over a 2 1/2 year period. My doctor was frustrated and concerned that I was not responding to the treatment and I still felt terrible. My doctor decided to then test me for Lyme disease to see if I also had an underlying problem we were not aware of. That Lyme test came back positive.
It was at this time that I was contacted by Joe Glenn who had heard about my condition and offered to have me try Silver Sol to see if it could help me fight not only the Lyme but also the acute strep infection I had been dealing with. I started talking Silver Sol daily. I drank one whole bottle of Silver Sol every day for 14 days. I then drank 1/2 bottle for another 2 weeks. When I had my blood retested for Lyme it came back negative. I no longer had Lyme after 5 weeks of being on Silver Sol! I then continued to drink 1/3 of a bottle of Silver Sol for another 3 weeks and had my doctor retest my blood to see where my strep count was at. The results came back showing that my strep count had gone down over 200 points. This was the first time in 2 1/2 years that this had ever happened. Both my doctor and I were very ncouraged to see these numbers! I will continue to take Silver Sol on a daily basis in these amounts until my count is normal (under 100) and I am cured.

Thank you Joe for contacting me and providing me with this amazing product!!

I will never be without it! I will also let you know when I am cured :)

Denise Lawson


Thanks to the ASAP Plus, the deep cut I accidentally made on my long finger, left hand, (cutting potatoes on Thanksgiving) which could have jeopardized my playing in the Contata this Sunday, has nearly healed. I am amazed. Thank you so much.



We have a cat, Rosalee, who will be 20 years old Oct. 1, 2010. She has been plagued with skin problems for years, mostly mild, but 18 months ago her condition became very serious she would pull out great tufts of fur and skin. Occasionally we could track her by the blood trail on the floor. Of course we took her to our veterinarian spending hundreds of dollars for only brief relief. Last Nov. we had to fit her with an Elizabethan collar to keep her from harming herself. Naturally she was miserable so in February we decided the kindest act would be to put her down. Rosie had inadvertently bitten me the day before and we found out that though she could be put down her head would have to be removed and sent to the county vet for rabies tests costing $90.00.? We brought her home for the required 10 days. She did not seem to get better though she got no worse and we just kept caring for her in our feeble way.
The beginning of July I mentioned Rosie's condition to a friend and she suggested silver solution. I knew it was a trace mineral but did not realize its healing properties. After Goggling it, I was astounded at the reviews, ordered three bottles and began giving Rosie 1 squirt a day in her mouth. In less than a month her skin is completely free of scabs (hasn't been like that for almost 10 years); her fur is thick and shiny and she no long has to wear the collar that has been her attire for over 10 months. She could pass for 12 years old, no problem!
I believe the Lord Jesus prompted me to call my friend Sandy to teach me of this extremely helpful solution.
My husband Jerry and I are now taking silver both orally and as eye drops.
Our Rosalee is a walking miracle and we thankfully rejoice in her health every day.

Laura-Jean Miller


I was skeptical! I had three bottles to test out this product. A week ago I found myself with a bacterial abscess and 5 day wait to get into to see my Doctor. I was in a lot of pain and fearing the worst. I remembered I had NeoFera. I started taking it and by the time I got to the Doctor's it had completely healed itself and there was no evidence of an abscess!?I truly believe in this fantastic product!

Karen Langston


I am writing to tell you about the results I have experienced since I started using your silver products. My wife and I have used the silver for various ailments and to say the least, we're impressed!
First of all, I suffer from macular degeneration in my right eye. In fact, I am 90% blind in that eye. I used to use prescription eye drops in that eye; at least one drop every two hours. A side effect was that my eye always felt like it was on fire! Then I found out about Silver Sol. I know that hospitals use silver in newborns eyes to protect them from infection, so I decided to try it in my eyes. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. I started using the Silver Protocol in my eye, 1 drop every 2 hours, and I was totally amazed when the black blind spot started to reduce! I couldn't believe it! What a blessing!
After this amazing experience, I decided to try the gel. I have had problems with pre-cancerous skin on my nose for quite some time. At one point, I had to have some skin surgically removed from the bridge of my nose. In the last 3 months, the tip of my nose and the area around it has started showing the same signs as the skin I previously had to have removed. I figured in time this skin would have to be removed as well. I decided to try the gel to see if anything would happen. I figured I had nothing to lose. I applied the gel all over my entire nose twice a day. In less than a month, I saw a huge improvement! It appears smooth and healthy! I went to see my doctor and he did not detect any cancer or pre-cancerous areas on any part of my nose. Once again, I was amazed!
My wife and I are so thankful we found these products! We use the gel on cuts and scrapes. We use the liquid for sore throats or any signs of a cold or flu. We use the drops in our ears for infections. There are so many uses the list goes on and on. Teresa and I have had great results with all of these!
I would never endorse a product that isn't helping me. Praise the Lord for the blessing that Silver Protocol has been to me and my wife!

Jack & Teresa
St. Petersburg, Florida


As promised, my order has arrived and fedx has picked up the other one to be returned to you. Thanks. You are a great business. I will be a loyal customer for sure.

Cecile & Richard Longtin


Joe, my personal testimony is about a yeast infection that was going systemic. You gave me some information and I listened to the videos. I began taking a half a bottle 2 times a day of Silver Protocol for about 4 days along with ASAP Plus 22ppm, 1 tablespoon 2 times a day. I had to douche with Solver Sol half and half 2 times that week. I also had to use the gel for outbreaks on the skin for hygiene to keep sanitized as much as possible. I lost weight and inches that were visible where fat deposits are hard to get rid of because of medications. Once the Silver got under the skin in those areas the inches started dropping of. I am Yeast free! I take silver ASAP Plus 22ppm 1 tablespoon 2 times a day just to maintain now the level of health. By the way, I used it for my sinuses, for my ears, my throat, or if I thought a cold or flu was trying to take over. As soon as I started to take it the cold was gone. What can I say, it is amazing stuff.
Thanks’ again Joe!

Leslie Brown Lincoln, Nebraska


I want to thank you for first being supportive during my illness. Without you, I could not have overcome it besides my God, who used you to not only help me, but also help my daughter's father who had cystic kidney disease with only 20% kidney function. I cannot tell it all, but he started taking it and eating a healthy diet. Over the course of a few months his health improved dramatically. When he went to the doctor for a stress test, the results were better than what they thought was possible. The doctor said he had the body of a man 35 to 40 years old. A few days later on a Tuesday, he was told he was on a kidney transplant list, and that it may take 3-5yrs before they could get to him. He got a call from the hospital that night or the next night (I can't remember). They said they had a kidney for him and to be at the hospital the next day in the afternoon. He went into surgery for 2 kidney transplants at the age of 59 years old. When the operation was over, his pain level went from the high of about 9 to about 2 the day after surgery. He was released a few days later. Silver Sol and ASAP helped him get to his optimum level to be able to receive a double transplant. I give honor to God first, but Joe thank you for being the instrument to help give him the courage to try it before he thought he was going to get a transplant. He was in excellent shape, and everyone noticed it.

Leslie Brown for Roy Brown Lincoln, Nebraska


Joe, I e-mailed you to let you know that I had received the Silver Sol, and then I checked my e-mail, and found several e-meils from you. Thank you for the status, and updates. I very much appreciate all you have done. You have a loyal customer, and I will gladly recommend your company to everyone. Good service, is so hard to find these days, and you surpassed "good" service, you have provided GREAT service. I truly thank you



My grandaughter who is 12 came to my house on a Fri. nite with a sore throat and an aching body. I gave her 1 tsp of Silver Sol and sprayed 3 sprays on her sore throat she woke up the next morning without a sore throat and feeling fine.

Mona M. Adkins


I work in the food industry and about a year ago I noticed I was getting a fungus on my finger, specifically under my fingernail in my nail bed.  From time to time it would become inflamed or swollen and cause me pain.  Every remedy that I tried would not get rid of or kill the fungus.  Within a week of applying the topical Silver Sol Gel as well as taking the Silver Sol 10PPM internally I noticed that the fungus was starting to go away and the inflammation was reduced. 

Lisa B, San Diego, CA


One evening before going to bed, I noticed I was getting a cold sore on the side of my mouth.  It had not blistered or broke open, but rather I could sense that the skin was becoming taunt and the area was becoming warm and red.  I applied the Silver Sol Gel on the area that night before bed, as well as taking the Silver Sol 10PPM internally that evening.  In the morning the symptoms were all but gone.  I went ahead and repeated the same application the following morning as well as throughout the day.  That evening all the signs of the cold sore were gone.  It never broke out into a painful and annoying sore.  Normally what would last for 4-5 days was virtually gone over night!

David Thoroughman, Reno, NV


One morning I noticed I had a red bump on my abdomen about the size of a quarter.  I suspected a spider or insect bite.  After days of it not getting better I was concerned.  I applied the Silver Sol Gel and within days the area became less inflamed, turned from a reddish color to a slight pinkish color.  Although the spot isn’t gone, it is reducing the inflammation and healing the infected area.

John T, Half Moon Bay, CA


Silver Sol has really knocked out any hint of sickness in my family, which includes our 8mo old baby girl. I have also noticed that it prevented a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics. I feel completely comfortable using Silver Sol because it is non-toxic.

Sarah Meade, Phoenix, AZ


After experiencing multiple bacterial infections on an in-grown toe, I tried Silver Sol and within days the redness and infection were gone. I would highly recommend this product!

Robb Silbert, Scottsdale, AZ


Since taking the Silver Sol, none of us have fallen ill. One night, I felt an ear/throat thing coming on, so I gargled a spoonful and swallowed and put some in my ear. I don’t know how to describe it, but I could feel it working in my ear. Afterward, there was no pain or irritation. When we were in Hawaii over the summer, Sarah cut her knee on some coral and had to have 2 stitches. I used the Silver Sol gel on it instead of an antibiotic gel. Sarah also got her ears pierced this summer and I used the gel on her ear lobes and earring posts to prevent infection.

I’m grateful to you for sharing this wonderful product with me and appreciate the distributor pricing you’ve offered. Good luck with the new web site and the launch of Silver Protocol. I’d love to be kept in the loop as things progress.

Best wishes to you and your family!

Shawna Parker, Tempe AZ