Silver Protocol

Discount Pricing and Shipping

There are three ways to dramatically lower your cost per bottle. (These discounts will be applied automatically)

1. Use the auto ship function to lock in these low prices. Once you are on auto ship you get the same low price even if the price of our products increase! You will also lock in the shipping prices even if we have an increase in shipping costs.  Keep in mind you can cancel your auto ship order at any time so there is no risk. Simply email us at 24 hours a day 7 days a week, if you need to cancel. 

2.. Order the Silver Sol in quanity. We give a quantity discount. The more you order the more you save.

3.  By ordering both in quanity and on auto ship you'll save up to 40% per bottle. (Sale items don't apply). 
     By taking advantage of both discounts you'll be buying at wholesale prices. This is how many of our distributors (Naturopaths, retailers etc.) order.

4. Shipping: Because we are a wholesale source our model is most cost effective when a peson orders larger quantities of product. Here is a breakdown of our shipping costs.

All items shipped via FAST United States Postal Service Priority Mail with tracking.

US lower 48 states ONLY!

Single item = $9.95 

2-6 items = $11.95

7-10 items = $14.95

11-20 items = 17.95

21-30 items = 23.95

Canadian Shipping Costs:

1-3 items = $ 32.67 

4--7 items = $29.67

8-20 items = 28.67

21-40 items = $34.95

Please note: Nerium products are shipped directly from Nerium. For current pricing and how to receive a $30.00 a bottle discount  CLICK HERE